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I am one of those who are made for exceptions, not for laws.”
― Oscar Wilde,

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  1. caspio says:

    haii james..i have a lot of problem about hacking wpa/wpa2 psk backtrack 5..can u contek me via email?please

  2. Wir3Gh0st says:

    Just stumbled onto your blog. Must say, out of the many, MANY tut-based sites floating around on the interwebs, for some reason I really enjoyed yours. I write for security sites now and then (between actual audits) and I like your simplicity and humor. Keep at it mate.

  3. ILian Hunfer says:

    Yup,,,finally i found a great site that means to me a lot,,,:D
    I love your writing method and i saved your all post to my computer ,,,:D 😀
    i have some problems in there,,,
    1)how to send payload over INTERNET to victims (not LAN)? what happen if he execute that when i’m offine ??
    2)how to install victims remotely a key logger using backtrack payload??( aradamax key logger remote file sending via chat most av detects it ,,so how make it undetectable)

    i’m really hope you will give me a good explain for my problems….

  4. dweep08 says:

    you’re very talent man! 😀 l’m lucky to see your blog. would you plz leave any contact info so that i can get a little bit help 4m you 🙂

  5. ali says:

    hallo men can you say how i can get and install strong word lis in btr5r3,,and what si the vergion hade the strong word list beween btr,,,,can you install an seplify the haking of wpa and wpa2 like it was with btr3 spoon wep)))) im asking for alot but this it may be so nice to have program like that ,what you think????or at least tell me the steps and where to find strong word list i live in srbia and they are so good in this things and they have very strong pass words so help me to crack them hehhehehhehe

  6. RapiD says:

    hi i used your proxychain guide and everytime i run proxychains firefox. it just loads fire fox without showing me |R-chain|–<–timeout
    i know it says time out on this. but before when i ran the cmd it showed me that it was trying the proxys. now its just root@ubuntu:~# proxychains firefox
    ProxyChains-3.1 (http://proxychains.sf.net) and loads firefox… strange..

    • RapiD says:

      cheers for quick reply was not expecting :). also do you know how to set vidalia system wide?
      so every program on backbox is runing thru,. tired finding proxy settings for my system but to no joy.

  7. Vaio says:

    Hey James
    Great website and very useful.
    but I having a problem in brute forcing wpa with reaver it keep trying the same pin
    and another question
    can I brute force a handshake I have, cease I’ve tried like 3 lists and haven’t found the password
    Thanks (sorry for my bad English )

  8. jabbs0n says:

    Hey, James
    will you continue with BackTrack or will you now switch to Kali Linux?

  9. Alex says:

    hy james did u make any tutorial relating to GPU (PYRIT) for WPA cracking???

  10. Alex says:

    ok thnx i m gona try it with Alfa AWU036 wireless see how it goes , i will let u knw….

  11. Alex says:

    lol yah i checked it and my previous card was’nt tht good , i bought ALfa adpater, which is more powerful than Dlink, i checked.. THnx anyway

  12. Alex says:

    Which wifi card r u using? if u do’nt mind me asking??

  13. rooter says:

    There is any way to follow the blog by facebook? if not.. it will be possible anytime? Thanks for your good work James.
    Cheers from Portugal.

  14. MistressMau says:

    This is interesting.

  15. Shashi says:

    Hey James.

    I just came across your blog yesterday and have been browsing it the whole time. I totally loved your work. I have to say that i just enjoy reading all the things. 😀

    Best Wishes and Regards 🙂

  16. superdaga says:

    Hey james can you post a tutorial on how to do a DNS amplification attack?

  17. Mohammad says:

    Hello James,
    Just wanted to let you know that every one of us is enjoying your work, you are really helping us a lot. Your blog is really different in some way than all the others on the net, in a perfect way of course. And the humor is just amazing, it certainly adds something to it.
    So many thanks and keep up the excellent work 🙂

  18. Vandal says:

    Hi bro,

    dont know do u remember me, but i asked u something about cracking wep via windows, it not matter now, but can i contact u somehow to ask u something but so only you can see it?


  19. Gera says:

    Thanks for spend your FREE TIME trying to teach this “things” to us!!!! 🙂

  20. nightraven says:

    dude! what a blog!!! ^_^

  21. Jacob martin says:

    Hello James I am From India I found your website and its really helpful to me…
    I have a one question can you please tell me how to save ourself from being caught by the cops……

    Or how to save us from being trace by others totally……

    Plz clear my doubt and mail me a answer in

    • Hello,

      I dont do private tutorials but will be posting a guide on this in the near future but not today. Its on the list.

      P.S. Stop posting emails on websites…you will end up getting shit load of spam.

      James 🙂

  22. bernard says:

    dear james, please can you send me the source code of the MSWORD exploit and tutorial via my email. thanks

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